When can I fly?

Our flights are not scheduled like the airlines. Instead you just select whichever flight you want and pick an available time slot. We have time slots available on the hour, 4 days a week.

We currently fly Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am to 3pm (weather permitting).


Can I buy a flight for one? or four?

Yes! You can book our River Dash and VIP Pilot Experience (coming soon) for one person.

All of our other flights require a minimum of two passengers (or maximum of 3 passengers) to book a time slot on-line. However, if you can be flexible as to when you fly, just give us a call and we can put you on our STANDBY list - 0437 719 088.
Any passenger is welcome to purchase 2 fares and avoid having to wait to be matched up.

Yes! You can buy any Gift Voucher for one person at any time.
However, when they book, they will need to organise a buddy (it is a lot of fun if you go too!) or call to go on our STANDBY list  -0437 719 088.

When you have four...

What we do in this case is do two flights x two passengers. It does not cost any more and we time the flights immediately after each other. Just call us and we will arrange the schedule to fit your needs.


How far in advance do I need to book?

Our booking calendar is open about a year ahead. While you may be able to rock up on the  day and go for a flight, we do recommend calling first so you won't be disappointed. Our weekends book up about 3-7 days ahead.

Special Occasions - If you want to do a special flight that involves other suppliers, like our Rolls Royce Luxury Transfer from Noosa* or our Romantic Picnic on Chambers Island, OR if you want a special day and time, it is best to give us as much notice as possible. (At least 7 days).

*Select any flight and add the transfer or picnic when you get to the 'Extras' in the shopping cart. 


How do I buy the 'Doors Off' option?

Select any flight and there will be an option to add 'Doors Off' / Rolls Royce Luxury Transfer / Romantic Picnic / Photobooks etc., when you get to the 'Extras' in the shopping cart.


What happens if I cannot fly for some reason? Do I lose my money?

A lot of people assume our booking system is like the Airlines... if you can't fly - you lose your money. However, that is not the case with Paradise Seaplanes! Your adventure is backed by our flexible, customer-friendly booking policy. We understand that life can be unpredictable, which is why we offer free rescheduling or full refunds up until the very day of your flight - no questions asked.


What if I don't want to ask my friend how much they weigh?

We totally understand! We need passenger weights for each flight. A lot of people buying gift certificates do not know the weight of the person they are buying for. It is ok to guess in that situation. However, when you fly, we ask passenger weights as each flight has a maximum passenger load. The pilot is very good at assessing or subtly asking this question. It is a practical question and nothing to be ashamed of.


Do you have discounts for children?

Unfortunately, a child occupies a seat exactly the same as an adult does and, because the aircraft costs the same to operate whether the person sitting in the seat is an adult or a child, we are unable to offer discounts for children.


Do you have senior discounts?

No. Unfortunately, even though we would love to offer discounts, the aircraft costs the same to operate regardless of whomever is sitting in the seat. We have priced our flights as economically as possible to make it available for as many people as possible.


What happens on the day?


  1. You will receive a text on the morning of the flight (before 8am) to confirm weather conditions. Look for that text. It also includes a maplink.
  2. Please arrive 15 minute before your scheduled flight. (This does not apply to the 9am flight - you can arrive at 9am.)
  3. You will get your feet wet! Wear shoes you can kick off. Shorts and thongs are the go!
  4. If you have purchased the 'Doors Off' option, bring a jacket in cooler weather, and something to tie your hair back if you have long hair - it is WINDY with the doors off.
  5. Photos. You can take as much technology as you want. Cameras, go-pros, video recorders etc etc. Hang on to them. (The pilot will tell you he has dunked a few of his mobile phones over time.) Also note, we will take photos for you (free), and supply them to you by email/text.


  1. Please complete and sign our Passenger Acknowledgement Form at your flight.
  2. You will receive a flight briefing - we tell you all the things you need to know about the aircraft and safety.
  3. We provide you with a life vest and help you board the aircraft, demonstrate seat belts, exits, and headsets.
  4. Boarding the aircraft is easy. If you can climb a ladder rung, you can do this. Ask us about extra assistance.  - 0437 719 088.


Will we fly if the weather is bad?

Short answer: No.

If it is raining, if turbulence is forecast, it is too windy, or if the river is in flood, we will not fly. If you are booked in, we will advise you on the day, by text. We will either reschedule your flight with no penalty, or refund your money in full.


I am afraid to fly. What should I do?

We have had many passengers who have been afraid to fly or who have a fear of heights.
Every single one of them has come back with a big grin from ear to ear.

If you are afraid to fly, but don't want to miss out on the experience, we suggest these steps:

  1. Read the reviews of other people that were afraid to fly. See what Julie did.
  2. Know that we don't fly if the weather is bad, or if there is turbulence in the forecast. There are no excessive maneuvers in our flights. Our aircraft is maintained to exacting standards. Our crew and pilots are all highly experienced.
  3. Have a chat with Shawn, the pilot, beforehand. If you identify your reasons for hesitation, he can share facts about the physics of flying, safety features of this particular aircraft, and his knowledge and experience. We find that the majority of hesitant fliers are misinformed about aircraft or about physics.
  4. Try the River Dash. That is our shortest flight (5min) and suitable for one person. Tell the pilot your situation. He will be very supportive and is happy to make sure you are informed and take you one step at a time through to your success.

We understand what a big step this is for you and will be cheering for you all the way.


The aircraft looks old. Is it safe?

Our Aircraft is a Blend of Vintage Charm and Modern Safety
At Paradise Seaplanes, we understand that our aircraft's vintage appearance might raise a few eyebrows for those unfamiliar with its history. However, beneath that nostalgic patina lies a story of meticulous care, modern technology, and unwavering commitment to safety. All aircraft , including ours, are required to have extensive inspections every 50 hours by certified mechanics.
Additionally, five years ago, our beloved aircraft underwent an extensive restoration. While its exterior proudly showcases its seasoned journeys and rich history, internally, it's as fresh and advanced as any modern-day plane. We stripped it down to its bare bones, ensuring that every single part was meticulously examined and restored.
- Bearings? Replaced.
- Flight controls? Rebuilt.
- Engine and propeller? Refurbished to their pristine conditions.
- Airframe? Thoroughly inspected and fortified.
Our top-tier mechanic, at the time, was poised to give our aircraft a cosmetic makeover. Yet, we chose to preserve its original charm, an ode to its enduring legacy. This decision wasn't about aesthetics alone; it was about honouring the timeless spirit of aviation.
Rest assured, when you board our aircraft, you're not only experiencing a nostalgic journey through time but also benefiting from cutting-edge aviation safety standards. Our meticulous rebuild guarantees the same level of security and performance that any contemporary aircraft offers.
So, step aboard with confidence. Experience the magic of flight with the authentic charm of yesteryears, backed by today's pinnacle of safety and engineering. At Paradise Seaplanes, we promise you a journey that's as safe as it is unforgettable.





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